2017 Silver Level ​​Sponsors:

Once you have decided to plunge, it is time to figure out how to fund raise as much as possible. Here are some tips to get you started.

2017 Gold Level ​​Sponsors:

  • Start asking for pledges early! Don't wait until the last minute, or you may find that who you are asking has already supported someone else.​

  • Set a goal and let people know what it is. Let everyone know that you are plunging! Also remind them that you are plunging in order to support 5 non-profits in Fluvanna County (as well as for bragging rights!)  Ask everyone to give something-even small donations go a long way.  Remember, 20 $5 donations is $100!

  • Make sure you know which non-profits this benefits! They are: Fluvanna Meals on Wheels, Fluvanna SPCA, Fluvanna Habitat for Humanity, Lake Monticello Volunteer Fire and Rescue and FAST.  You can learn more about each on the "About the Charities" page of this website.

  • Post that you are plunging on Facebook or Instagram.  Share your fund raising link, and challenge your friends to take the plunge with you! Also make sure you like us on Facebook and share out our posts. The more people that know about the plunge, the easier it will be to get support!

  • Start an e-mail campaign to let people know you are plunging.  You can share the link to your own fund raising page and it makes it super easy for them to support you online.

  • Be creative and have fun!